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There's poetry in our lives every day, as surely as there is beauty and sadness and music. Not the kind of poetry you have to struggle to understand – but the kind that speaks to you simply. And makes you realize you're part of something grand, and funny, and amazing: life.

These are the everyday encounters, sightings and recollections that make me stop and smile. Or feel sad. Or appreciate life a little differently. I want to share them with you.
– Ellen Azorin              
Please feel free to share a poem or poems with friends. I only ask two things: that you credit me as author,
and that you respect my copyright and not use them for any commercial purpose or reprint them on any
materials (including a web site or other online media) without first contacting me for permission. Thank you.
You can order copies of Prosetry Volumes 1 and 2 using secure online credit card payment via PayPal.
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