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Here is what other readers have said about "Prosetry."
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Poems so lucid and enjoyable, I actually gave it to my wife to read (and she never reads poetry, if she can avoid it!)

— Charles Fishman, award-winning poet, poetry editor, competition judge
and a poetry consultant to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

A book I've enjoyed reading, not from cover to cover, but by choosing a page here, a page there, and then a few in a row because I couldn't stop. . . Your insights, your humor, and your outlook on so many issues in all our lives, struck a chord in me that resonates harmoniously.  Your book is a delight.

— Henrietta S., New York City

Many of the poems which you expressed so beautifully brought back experiences and remembrances to me – especially the one about the jars your grandmother used.  In our house my mother re-used "yahrzeit" glasses and it wasn't until I grew up that I learned that people actually buy glasses for drinking!

— Ann G., New York City

I love reading poetry and need a good deal more of it in my life right now.  I am so glad you are creating your gems and sending them out into the world.

— Tracy M., New York City

I so enjoyed the clarity of the images and the writing and was struck by how clearly I recalled each poem after only one reading. . .

— Barbara V., Chestertonwn, MD

I read "Lunch With Laura" with tears welling up.

— "Laura" herself

I very much enjoyed reading "Prosetry."  It was charming, nostalgic, witty, thoughtful and familiar.  I could hear your voice speaking behind the words.

— Ed O., New York City

A reminder of the beauty and humor in "ordinary" life.

— Georgia B., New York City

My kind of poetry. . .  I get to chuckling while reading them. . .  expresses my feelings exactly on so many things. . .  my kind of book!

— Mary W., Portland, OR

Your book is so beautiful. . . a lovely, elegant presentation.

— Susan G., Washington, DC

A joy to read, just delightful! Great insight, humor, thought-provoking. . .

— Morris B., Wilton, CT

How very clever and touching your words are.

— Lois K., New Jersey

Your lovely thoughts (and sometimes very funny) memories have prompted this thank-you note.

— Gladys F., Long Island City, NY

Poems that so often reflect an observant, straightforward and candid New Yorker.  I particularly enjoyed the ones called "God," "Empty Space," and "Generosity."

— Jeanne F., New Canaan, CT

Once I started reading… I just couldn't stop!

— Karen Klavans, Davenport, FL

I got so wrapped up in the prosetry, I totally forgot to carry on with cooking dinner!

— Pat Dortignac, Frisco, Colorado

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